forbidden fruit


Forbidden, is the emotion you feel for me.

Sad, is the mere fact of its existence.

Horrifying, is its innate intensity.
Terrifying, is the look you get at the sight of me.
Beautiful, is everything I am not.
Perfect, is what they use to describe the opposite of me.
Angelic, is what I am only, in the midst of all my daemons.
Masochist, is what you are for falling for me.
Intoxicating, is what you look like shattered to pieces in my arms.
Poisonous, is the taste of you at the tip of my tongue as I suck you dry.
Death, is what I imprint on your lips when I kiss them to sleep.
Irrational, is what I make you, as I whisper lies told to exquisite perfection into your ear.
I am, what they meant by the word devil.
I am, what your parents begged you to fear.
I’ll be, every beautiful dream you’ve ever had until I, beautifully, become your darkest nightmare.
I am the poison you keep feeding yourself.

I am the dark seed nourishing your body.
I am the breath of life in your soul.
I am everything you’ve ever wanted, embodied in everything you’ve ever feared.
Remember, that nightmare you had as a child, when evil haunted your dreams, you were warned of the devil and her seductive words, it was then guaranteed, that before you reach heaven, you would have to visit hell, 
I am that hell.
I am your suicide wish, masking as your salvation.
Will you stand in silence as I continue to kill?
How is it that you seem to accept my contradictions? My lies? My poison?
I whisper: I am contradicting, I am the red rain dripping from a blue sky. I am no good for you. 
You smile, and end my words with a kiss.
I take your soul and shatter it just to hurt you

you take mine in return and heal it.
You are nothing if not the angel of my hell.
And for that, I won’t ever thank you.
For that, I won’t ever love you like you deserve.
But for that, I’ll get on my knees and beg.

Love me and don’t ever stop,

watch me and don’t ever look away,

and forgive me, as I end everything of goodness you still have in you.

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