irrational coincidence

ImageYou force me to write you. 

And I do. 
Without pride 
Without ego
I play no games when I put you into words and fall for you
I have no thoughts that don’t include you.
I see you in every picture
I sway to you in every song
I seem to dream you in every dream
I think your thoughts like they were my own to begin with
I write words that only existed in you
I never really knew my own name until I heard you whisper it
Its funny, but It seems my lips were shapeless until you moulded them to yours
How is it possible that there was more to me than I ever knew?
It seems irrational that I only met me, the moment I laid eyes on you.
Maybe we met another lifetime ago
Maybe it wasn’t coincidence that I was all your pieces put together differently?
I think maybe
I have to believe that.
Because (maybe) it makes more sense than saying the truth.
You were a reflection of every dark, twisted and beautiful part of me.
we seemed to be one
Intwined into one horrifying mind
Me as you
And you as me
That is how I let you in
I waited for you to ruin it like you (maybe) did that lifetime ago.
What if you don’t?
What if you tell me I’m good and I’m breathtaking
what if
Against every instinct in my body
I believed you.
What good is the word breathtaking if it cant be used to describe you?
I am you.
And you are me.
You showed me where I fit
And now I cant help but get hooked
Like an addict I needed to satisfy this hunger
I was made to fit you
And you were created just for me.
That is how I  lasted
That is how  became infinite.

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