on the right way to be a human.

  1. admit to everything you’re not
  2. start living up to everything you are
  3. read between words and avoid the lies told by lines 
  4. just like there’s a million and one shade to every story
  5. there’s an infinite number of sides to every person
  6. find the side that reads you like you were created to be read
  7. be the sun that wraps a universe around it
  8. live up to every daydream you’ve ever had to live through
  9. mistake the world for something beautiful 
  10. bask in its wonders and pretend to believe them
  11. drizzle yourself in comforting illusions told to perfection in a thousand lies
  12. let quiet moments be quiet 
  13. and listen to the ones that scream
  14. never try to be the best version of yourself
  15. just be a version your mind can relate to

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