the difference between wants, and needs

It’s one of those stories that had so many near misses against the landscape of world events that it’s a wonder it happened at all.

Its one of those moments that felt so endless, it seemed magical when it finally ended.

It was one of those times, when something better came along.
And I actually got to witness that happening
Right when I needed it the most.

It was the moment I decided to live again.

The moment I saw myself run that extra mile.
The moment I actually listened to that song.
The moment I wrote words of truth and meant them.

When I felt a drop of sweat on my temple, I wiped it away and kept running.
When I heard the song ending, I enjoyed it all the same.
When my words decided to fail me, I found new ones just waiting to be discovered.

For once I wasn’t happy, but I pretended to be.
For once I felt myself believing my own lie.
And for once,
I saved myself rather than wait for you to save me.

It was when I saw that
It was when I felt that
It was when I truly believed that

That I finally decided to live in your world of fiction and secondhand dreams.

Still intact
I was me
And I was happy all the same.

You’re still here
I’m still here
And I think there’s a we somewhere still playing our game

We still happened
We still loved
We still broke
And we still hugged

But I was me
And you were you
And there was no we
And I think I knew

How, I never needed you.
But maybe I still want you.
If you’ll do me the honor of having the best parts of what I think is left of me.

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