the art of war is lost on me


the impulse, i understand.

the act itself, i cant wrap my head around.

you came to me shattered

pity is a strong emotion

the most impressive one of all

i let you in beyond the borders of my fortress

because pity told me so

i wondered

what it is about me

that makes broken people flock in my direction

as i unveiled the hidden secrets you thought you hid in plain sight

i knew nothing of what comes next

i observed and thus noticed the oddest of things

(“you cripple me”

how is it that i did that?)

your weapon was guilt

mine was my mind

i somehow cocked my weapon and left the trigger untouched

i thought you harmless

an unblemished pure soul



what a strong little fucker she is

so beyond my walls you strolled

i thought nothing of it at the time

the closer you got

the less it seemed odd

(“my sanity hates you, you ruin her”

so i hold that much power beyond my walls?)

i can make you insane ..

and i swear

i never pushed the buttons i knew would do that

you’re living in an illusion of your creation 


(i thought)


or maybe i am


maybe what i thought 

i misunderstood

and what i felt 

i felt wrong


now here you are

standing outside my gates 

with the smuggest look i’ve ever seen


you made it 

you got in 


i never even fought you 

i didn’t know i should 


fool that i was 

i was seduced 


i don’t remember how 

i cant seem to recall when


now i’m alone in my lands 

again in my own sweet solitude 


you made it feel wrong 

you made it feel lonely 

you ruined my best drug 

you ruined it all 


and the worst part is

i never saw you coming 

i never felt the fall 


you did it with such ease 

with as much grace as air 


the art of deception is your masterpiece 

i may have won every battle 

but you won the war.


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