hearts don’t really break

they can stop
they can leak
a heart can get tired 
and it just
gives up after a while 
this isn’t the end you said
this is an opportunity you told me 
you whispered “there’s a way out”
but i don’t want a way out
i just want to forget 
i want to disappear 
god made it so that
when i touch someone
it rips open their mind
you’ll want to clench your jaw 
to avoid biting off your tongue 
the pain
it will erupt as i uncover more and more 
you’ll want to break away
i wont let you 
I’m ripping open your soul
as it ended
i heard you
as you breathed in the sigh 
i kissed you
wishing i wont have to hear your goodbye 
there’s a way out you said
i don’t want a way out.
i shattered you.
so i want to to be shattered by you in return.

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