Dead bodies are good at hiding (edited)


We collided
two opposites 
attracted to each other 
for no other reason than
it was written in the stars 
we were written
with words no human can begin to muster
the collision
so strong 
it seemed
my body couldn’t handle it
a few more strikes at the most
and that crooked smile
and there was only one possible result 
the most lethal weapon of mass destruction
The world
my world,
just collapsed.
sacrifices had to be made 
to avoid the most unnecessary thoughts.
in this hole you seemed to have dug for me
I ended up with a choice
An ideal world 
and lifelike 
Ashes in paradise.
The result of a unison.
and there was nothing ordinary about it. 
I couldn’t begin to form a single thought
in paradise
I felt so out of control
so overwhelmed by the sensations
that I
completely shut down.
but in reality
it was a slow death.
so slow it ate away my organs
without my even noticing 
at some point i became a dead body
out of sight 
out of mind 
to every last thing that ever cared about me
so I hid 
in my lifelike cardboard cut-out  
of what they called reality.
a willing victim of my own choices
let my perfect opposite go
the collisions stopped
the world seemed to be at bay
peace hung around every corner
No one found me.
Dead bodies are good at hiding.

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