remarkably bare.


your values 

your identities 
they meant nothing
only the primal remained
to you
she is now
a physical necessity 
your world was run by the unremarkables
and she
she shifted every primary impulse with her phenomenon 
to the unsighted 
she made everything visible 
to the senses
she was the ecstasy that heightened every sensation 
its true 
that between two opposites 
that strive for an inconsistent world 
there could only be one remedy 
she carried in her stride the force of a perfect storm
and as she spoke
her voice was the thunder sounding like notes in a symphony 
she has become 
a physical necessity 
like animals they bore on to each other 
their needs 
and stripped 
they shared
and everything 
war would erupt within their veins 
only to be soothed by the kiss of the other 
it all seemed simple
she became 
the  very core
of existence.
when the mind decided
she then became a mental necessity
when the spirit grew weaker
she became its mercy
and when the soul needed saving 
she became its epiphany 
and on her passing 
the stars aligned to great her
a phenomenon 
like the woman that bared it
everything in her wake grew grayer 
the world was made of boxes 
the shades were all bleak 
hearts never seemed to recover
and the veins couldn’t seize their leaks
the only thing that seemed to comfort
the sight 
of her empty seat.

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