to every animal in human flesh.


This is it.
Your apocalypse.

Welcome to the new age.
Welcome to my time.

Go ahead
Take a seat
And have a drink

Watch the whiskey fire burn in my eyes.
I am nuclear.
And I am here.

I’ll raise my rights
Paint my clothes in colors black and white
A revolution.

I won’t give you my reasons
You don’t deserve reasons.

But I can’t help but think
The lunch box days were so much easier
I loved it when my bed was my fort

Back in those crayon days

The world seemed so much bigger

And I believed in everything
And everything believed in me
The world was worth it
Back then.

And all the changes I wanted to be
Are they worth it still?
Is it even up to me?

I stopped caring
And you said it was okay
That life ruined my innocence
Because I saw destruction in every way.
You said I was no longer an innocent
You said I shouldn’t try and be brave
That “life’s a tough crowd”
And I listened
I acted just like you wanted me to

I was your puppet
You were my master

Even when you told me it was my fault they all left
I believed you.
And when you said he died and he never loved me
I cried thinking it true

You said life was never worth the battle
You said I was just nobody
You said nothing I did or ever planned to do will make a difference
When I asked you if sticky pennies on the street can make a change
You laughed at me.

Now I raised up all these issues you hid so well
Now I ask for her rights
Now I paint my clothes
In colors black and white

Yes, I am the new age.
I am nuclear.
I am our revolution.

I won’t riot.
I won’t shout.
I’m too graceful for that.

But you’ll listen
You’ll run
And I’ll chase you.
I’ll make sure you pay

Revenge is a mission

If played fairly,

Hardly ever won.
And even I, am never above that

You’ll pay for the girl you broke
For the one you abused
For the one that asked you a million times before,
To not touch her.
And still you did.
Like the ape you are.

Yes you’ll pay
For the life you ruined over night
You’ll pay for the words you stripped out of me

You’ll pay for the world you turned gray,
like it was never meant for people like me

Shaded in rainbows and so sweet.

You’ll pay for the sins of those you corrupted

You’ll pay for the souls of those you shattered

And I will watch you with every joy I can find in me
I will gladly bask in the glow of your ruin.

I am the face of this new age
I am nuclear.
I am your revolution.

With every genuine bone in my body

I thank you for everything you did for me.

Thank you for telling me I wasn’t worth the trouble.
Thank you for the war you forced us to forget.
Thank you for being no more than an animal.
Thank you for punishing me whenever I asked you to rise up to your humanity
Thank you for the pain you couldn’t care less about
Thank you for the promises you made
And thank you for never fulfilling them
Thank you for the lies you stood for upon nations of truths
Thank you for the deaths
Thank you for the abuse
Thank you for telling her she deserved to be raped

Thank you for the guilt you heaped upon me.

Like it was my fault I could never stop you.
Thank you for making her grow so weak she had no choice but to become a monster.
Thank you for hitting her when you did.
Thank you for humbly asking for her opinion and then punishing her voicing it.
Thank you for every time you made me hate you.
Thank you for every time you made me despise the world for accepting you.
Thank you for being disgusting.

Thank you for being alive.

And thank you for giving me a reason to kill you.

thank you;

for making me nuclear.

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