the game of immortality …

with ice water in my veins
i come to you to melt
experience me
in my rawest form
feel me unveil
hear me project in the dark
watch me
my ices 
be my savior 
be my silver lining 
let me be your thunder
let me break you
to a million pieces shining 
when i leave you behind
to bear the burden
of continuously remembering 
my icy flesh on yours 
my heart bursting in your chest 
my words whispered in your head
my kisses on your neck
i will be immortal
i will be stilled
so with ice water in my veins
i came to you to melt
you caught a glimpse 
of a rare moment 
of fragility 
on a face
so cold 
and made of stone
it held an expression 
that can only be described 
as ecstasy and anguish 
voluptuousness, with sheer agony 
equally mixed
with just a single dose 
of ambiguity.
that was when you ran.
so fast
and so far
you ran.
its okay my love.
my dark,
was too cold for you to handle
as the ice water found its home
back into my veins 
i was left
with the burden
of continuously 
remembering you.
you did what i wanted
you were immortal 
you were stilled 
you won.
i smiled.

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