let it be me.


If you’re looking for a home
a place to call your own
Let that be me.
If you’re looking for a shoulder 
Somewhere you won’t feel any colder 
Let that be me.
If you’re looking for a life
Someone to call a wife
Let her be me.
And if you’re looking for a name
Someone to bear your shame
That will always be me.
If you’re keeping a secret
If its burning a hole in your head
Just give it to me.
If you’re feeling dark and out of fire
And the worlds seem insane
Let me be your sanity.
Let me be your flame.
Let me see beneath your beautiful
Let me fall in love with you all over again
Let me scream
For something illogical 
Let me be you’re someone to blame
And let me love it all the same.
Let me leave just to come back
And let me stay just to have you come to me.
Let me be saved
By an angel.
Let me be your silence
let me be your calm
Let me be your feeling
After every moment spent numb.
Let me be your religion.
Let me be your safety
Let me be your shelter
Let me be your bravery
Let me be your truth
Let me be your clarity.
Let me be your undoing
Just like you were mine.
Let me be your healing
My dear angel of mine.
And Let me be
The best of me.

So Let me be
The place you come from
And the place you go to.
Let me love you
Let me feel you
Let me strip you
And let me bare you.
Let me shift you
Let me hold you
And let me taste you.
I want to be
The blood in your veins.
I want to be
The beat of your heart.
I want to be
Every thought in your brain.
So don’t mind me
As I stand on the sidelines 
Of your phenomenon. 
And don’t mind me
As I write you
Into every love song.
And don’t mind the shouting
As I say it as loud as I possibly can
From the tops of every rooftop
That I’ve fallen
And I’m in too deep.
In conclusion;
My mine, 

Let me
If you’d please
Spend what’s little left
Of my life 
You demand of me.
For I am yours 
And you are mine
And if we die
We die.
But first
We’ll live.
You and I

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