marry me. (for my apple)

i want 
little fingers 
little toes
i want my hands and your nose 
i want your smile and my wit
i want to make that
with only you.
i want us to be
the exception to every rule.
my darling
i can’t imagine
being bored 
or growing old
with anyone else
but you.
i want your hands to be
the first thing i kiss
every morning 
of my everyday.
i want your breath to be
the first thing i taste 
every morning
of everyday.
i want your eyes to be
the last thing i see
every night
of everyday.
and i want your voice to sing
the rhythm of my every dream
every night
of our everyday.
damn the torpedoes.
and damn the hurricanes.
your crazy
fits my crazy.
i’m in.
i’m here.
and i’m ready 
to bare your name.
take what’s left of
this poor soul
make me whole
make it rain again.
i guess,
what i’m trying to say is
will you,
give me the pleasure 
of your
i do?

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