5 minutes.

They were in the car
He played a song, 
You know .. 
That song.
She stared at him, 
You know, 
That stare?
He took her left hand and he kissed it soft
She closed her eyes. 
She wanted to know nothing but his lips on her flesh.
He whispered so the ghosts wont hear
“what if i loved you?”
And she kissed him.
It was the kind of kiss she could never tell her friends about out loud.
It was the kind of kiss that made him know, that he was never so happy in his whole life
It was the kind of kiss that you never get to relive. 
The kind of kiss that felt, final and calm.
It seemed like years went by when the kiss ended 
He started driving again
Without saying a word.
Her head started going wild again
Because you see,
Every now and then, 
Things would start moving around her
Sounds would be bass heavy and hollow within her walls
Every now and then the patterns she created to help her understand things would dissolve
And she seemed unable to put a single thought together.
She asked him to pull to the side of the road
She opened the door and got out
The wind turned her dress into ocean waves.
The music was so loud and the sound of their voices got scooped up into a vacuum and it was replaced by the song still playing
That song.
In her eyes 
In that infinite moment 
Was everything that made him wonder.
And then she started laughing 
And he started laughing
And he got out of the car
And she met him halfway on the road
“are we done? can i love you now?”
She didn’t kiss him this time.
She kept walking and got into the drivers seat
He got in right next to her
Letting her feel all she’s feeling the way she wanted to feel it
I think
That was the best part
She rolled down the windows
The air ran in as the song ended
And in her tummy she felt sore for all the right reasons 
And in her heart she felt warm for all the right reasons 
And in her mind she felt like running, for all the wrong reasons
She felt all she felt
In 5 minutes.
That was when she turned and she saw him.
Really saw him. 
“five minutes of a lifetime were truly spent, right now, in this car, with you, and in 5 minutes i loved you, i  kissed you, i hated you, i thought i left you, and you, you loved me enough to not let me. in 5 minutes, we were young in a good way. And for 5 minutes we felt infinite. so i guess, maybe this time, i let you love me, maybe this time i stay and bask in the warm glow of you, until next time, when the next 5 minutes decide to shift how i’m made again. until the next 5 minutes of our lives together”