the sin of logic …

I am the sin,

I am the ultimate temptation and the desire,

I am the pain and the loss,

the death of hope,

I am the pleasure,

I am your plague.

I am the saint of your dreams and the devil of every nightmare you’ve ever had,

they say I am “the land where angels fear to tread”.

I am that feeling you get, right at the back of your head, hiding from the rest of your thoughts,

that impulse,

that strange little impulse,

that illogical voice telling you to go on,

to run into your darkness,

pushing you into irrecoverable irrationality,

I am, and forever will be, the death of all that is good in you.

I’ll strip you all the way to nothingness,

into oblivion,

until all that remains in you, is me.

I am the core of your salvation.

Your poison like nothing else,

still want to love me?

Because if there’s one thing i know for sure,

its that my feelings for you, defy logic.